Copy by Anne Marie

Artificial Intelligence Policy

Any copywriter who refuses to use time-saving tools such as ChatGPT will be left behind. It saves me from writer’s block and tedious, boring tasks.


I will never use what AI generates word-for-word. Unfortunately, AI detectors often give false positives.


I never use AI as a substitute for my own creativity or strategy. Yes, it can write something passable at lightning speed. But all output needs to be tweaked and edited by someone who understands copywriting principles.


If you know how to write prompts, it can save you hours.


But it misunderstands requests, spits out false information, and carries a risk of unintentional plagiarism and copyright infringement.  AI, Plagiarism, and Copyright Infringement


Using AI to write your copy, without an expert copywriter to oversee the process, is ill-advised.

I use AI for: